GlowStone Lighting

Booth: 433
14-900 Village Lane
Okotoks, AB T1S 1Z6
GlowStone Lighting is a permanent solution to holiday lighting, safety & security lighting, everyday ambient lighting, feature lighting and special occasion lighting (birthdays, anniversaries, game days, etc.) A GlowStone Lighting System can make your home inviting to friends & family while making it less inviting to criminals scouting your neighborhood. Our system has the highest quality LED lights available in the market and is installed by certified professional installers, meaning you'll never have to hang lights, climb on your roof or trip over something in the dark again. All you have to do is enjoy these lights for the next 20 years. GlowStone Lighting Systems are run off an easy to understand App using Wifi through your smart phone or a simple remote. With our intuitive App, you can custom make any colour, series of colours, and pattern you can think of. Every option you need, from a simple Pot Light Design to an eye catching Holiday program, GlowStone Lighting offers the solution to you lighting need,