Uniik Design Inc.

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Booth: 525
1500 7 St. SW
Unit 105
Calgary , AB T2R 1A7
It all started with one goal, to give our clients a home they absolutely love. Uniik Design was founded in 2013 with the focus on custom interior and exterior designs for residential and commercial spaces. We quickly found ourselves working with talented and creative partners from all across the industry that had our same vision, giving our clients the best design and process. Throughout the years, we experienced that most clients feel overwhelmed when it comes to a renovation or a new build and our goal is to eliminate that as much as possible. With 6 years in business and 8 years of full experience in the industry, we have custom built a specific process for our clients to follow so they feel 100% confident and comfortable with their new build or renovation. Over the 8 years we have expanded our team from a single designer to a larger team of unique visionaries who work across all design styles. We are deeply passionate and driven to enhance and transform spaces to fit our clients’ personalities and lifestyles.