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Dr Stoner Bikes - 2297302 Alberta Incoporated

Dr Stoner Bikes - 2297302 Alberta Incoporated
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We love electric bicycles here at, and we aim to rethink the way people ride their e-bikes. Whether you need a bicycle for your commute to work or simply want a bicycle to enjoy the outdoors, we believe that e-bikes can and should be enjoyed at every stage of life. If you’re looking to purchase your next electric bicycle, look no further than

New to e-bikes? Do not know which e-bike is right for you? There really isn’t a wrong answer when deciding whether to purchase a step-through, like our Elby or City; or a step-over bicycle, like oour fat tire models. While each one has unique characteristics, whichever style you choose is based on your riding style and preference. And once you do decide which frame is right for you, we are confident you will have a wonderful riding experience regardless, because e-bikes are fun! Beyond an e-bike being really fun to ride, they will also help you clear your head and get some exercise in the process.

Our prices range from $2199 to $4499 today. All of our e-bikes come with 1 year warranty and we service what we sell.

Rising Freight Costs. Our prices will be increasing in 2022. The cost of shipping containers across oceans has skyrocketed to new highs. Average freight costs have quadrupled from just one year ago. The interrupted supply chain has caused the shipping rates to drive upwards and trends suggest that it will not get any better for the rest of the year.

We are optimistic. With the popularity of electric bikes continuing to grow, people are understanding the benefits and impact it is having on both people's lives and the environment.

Show Specials:

Elby Canada has given drstonerbikes a limited number of their demo bikes to sell at the show. Elby is one of the most popular step through ebikes on the market. It offers a range of up to 100 km between charges. It fit riders from 5"2 to 6"2 tall. A

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