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Bryan Baeumler

Bryan doesn’t believe he’s put in an honest day’s work unless he gets his hands dirty. A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US since 2007 on the hit shows Disaster DIY, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, Leave it to Bryan and House of Bryan. Bryan’s quick wit and easy-going personality have made him a huge hit with viewers on all of his home renovation shows. 

Learning valuable tricks of the trade from his father, a meticulous aircraft engineer, Bryan spent his childhood summers building his family’s cottage from the ground up.  After earning a dual degree in Political Science and Business, Bryan was headed towards a career of practicing law. Realizing he’d rather be renovating than being chained to a desk, his innate passion for building took over and he traded in his tie for a tool belt and founded Baeumler Quality Construction.

A few kids and number of hit TV shows later, Bryan continues to tackle home renovation projects, be the spokesperson for numerous products and expand his growing businesses to include Baeumler Approved and Baeumler Custom Cabinetry. Currently filming Bryan Inc. with wife Sarah, viewers will follow the couple on their journey as they flip two investment properties while balancing their busy home lives together.  For more information about Bryan, visit bryanbaeumler.com

Instagram: bryanbaeumler

Presentation Topic: Taking the Frustration Out of Your Renovation

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Tiffany Pratt presented by CREB®Now

Her trademark hair and big energy make Tiffany Pratt unforgettable. But her hands-on approach to design, and the care she has for her clients, make her irreplaceable. Tiffany fell in love with beautiful things at a young age when she would memorize every page of Vogue magazine. Today, that same appreciation for beauty has carried through into her day-to-day work. She sees exquisite in the unexpected, mixes old with new, merges elegant with livable, and she lives and breathes her truth that “this can be beautiful.” tiffanypratt.com @thetiffanypratt

Presentation Topic: The Power of Transformation 
Interior stylist, designer, author, maker and HGTV Canada star Tiffany Pratt will be sharing simple but impactful ideas, inspirations and personal stories about the powerful transformative effect of making changes in your home, and how they can result in changes in yourself. Tiffany will also be sharing an insider look at her own recent home makeover for a colourful dose of inspiration, along with giveaways from Home Depot and her own KRYLON colour collection of spray paints to help get the transformation underway! 

Instagram: thetiffanypratt

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Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

Rust-Oleum Brand Spokesperson & Lifestyle Expert

As a DIY & design expert, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has spent years crafting a unique philosophy for design that fuses ingenuity, whimsy, and quality workmanship – all on a “frugalista” budget. She believes that achieving great style and design isn’t determined by how much money you spend, but rather how creative you can be with your budget. Amongst the many hats she wears, Leigh-Ann is a regular contributor on Cityline and a spokesperson for Rust-Oleum Canada.  With a passion to educate and inspire, Leigh-Ann embraces every opportunity she gets to spark creativity and instill confidence in others who strive to “DO IT YOURSELF”. 

Presentation Topic:  High Style, Low Budget: Design without Spending a Dime Imagine completely redesigning a room without ever touching your wallet? If you think it’s impossible, then join DIY expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault as she reveals how she transformed an entire room without spending a single dime, thanks to stealth saving tricks and savvy upcycling tips.

Instagram: leighannallaire

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Rosalyn Lazaruk
Wicketblue Interiors

The genuine passion of designer Rosalyn Lazaruk for décor, space and event design has inspired her success as a designer. Rosalyn has been working in design and decor for over a decade and established her own business, Wicket Blue Interiors, in 2004. She has a broad repertoire of experience both in designing personal spaces within the home, as well as in implementing intriguing space and design concepts within the commercial and event settings. Insightful and infinitely resourceful, Rosalyn understands the intimate relationship of design and self-expression and is devoted to developing and implementing unique design ideas that reflect the vision and individuality of her clients. www.wicketblue.com

Presentation Topic: Insta-worthy Kids Rooms

Instagram: wicketblue

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Neil Harding
Sleep Country

Neil Harding has worked for Sleep Country Canada for the past 18 years. Neil is in charge of home shows, warehouse sales, and product knowledge training nationally. As a highly trained and experienced sleep expert, Neil has helped thousands of Canadians get a better night’s sleep!

Presentation Topic:  Let's Talk About Sleep Designed to help people realize how to get a great night’s sleep. Find out what you can do to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

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Helen Youn is the first and only Certified KonMari Consultant in the Canadian Prairies, providing tailored, in-home organizational services to help people transform their homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. The KonMari Method was developed by Marie Kondo, author of international best sellers: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy.

Presentation Topic: KonMari: What is the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? 
Please join Helen Youn, the first and only Certified KonMari Consultant in the Canadian Prairies, for an introduction to the KonMari Method, a home-organizational method that has taken the world by storm. The KonMari Method was developed by Marie Kondo, author of international best sellers: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. You will learn the principles of the Japanese Art of Decluttering and pick up tips to transform your home into a Spark Joy space. Life truly begins after you have put your home in order. www.helenyoun.com 



KristaHermansonHeadshotKrista Hermanson

Krista is the owner and principal designer of Krista Hermanson Design.  She is a passionate creator and believer that living a joyful life starts at home. She is devoted to the art and science of designing and building and believes living within a beautiful, functional and stylish space will make you feel happier, and more deeply relaxed. In all her designs, she injects elements of the Danish concept of Hygge (hoo-gah) which inspires joyful living, simple pleasures, togetherness, peace and warmth.  Hygge inspires us to slow down, re-connect, focus on family and friendships and bring warmth and peace to your home.

Presentation Topic: From Dreary to Dazzling - Let a Pro Walk You Through Real-Life Renovation & Design Journeys 
In this engaging and interactive session, real-life renovator Krista Hermanson of Krista Hermanson Design will offer a behind-the-scenes peek at the journey of transforming a room or your whole house into a joyful living space. Krista will showcase examples of her projects and walk you through the ups and downs of the renovation and design journeys she’s experienced. She’ll also take your questions and provide practical solutions to help take your home from dreary to dazzling.  


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HalynaHeadshotHalyna Tataryn 

Halyna Skala Tatary, P.Eng, MA (Architecture), Tataryn Group, RE/MAX Real Estate (Central). Educated in Engineering, Urban Planning and Architecture, Halyna brings her passion for homes and dedication to her work with her clients. Halyna has extensive knowledge about architectural history and design – heritage homes especially. Her in-depth understanding of construction techniques, building materials and design, provide her clients with unparalleled expertise and professional insight. Halyna takes an engineering-solutions approach to home selling and buying. She focuses on selling Unique Inner City properties and helping buyers make smart and informed decisions.art and informed decisions.

Presentation Topic: Should You Move or Improve? 10 Tips to Make a Smart Decision

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Lesley Wanchulak - Mama By Design

Lesley Wanchulak is the Instagram influencer, blogger, mother of two and creative curator behind lifestyle blog Mama By Design
Born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Lesley has lived in Calgary for the last six years with her husband Brad and their two daughters Ella (3) and Sophia (5 months). After graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a B.Sc. in Neuroscience and building a career in Medical Sales, Lesley found her creative passion in sharing her style, home décor, design and family inspirations via her blog Mama By Design while on maternity leave with daughter Ella. 
She finds inspiration in the everyday, and loves sharing and collaborating with her social media followers and friends. Lesley and Brad are currently in the process of designing and building a new home on a little acreage west of Calgary and will be documenting the process as it unfolds!   

Presentation Topic: Kids Incorporated: Secrets to Chic, Kid-Friendly Interior Design Tips on nailing your home design and decorating approach when kids are in the mix. Learn how with a good plan and use of color, pattern and texture, you can create a chic, family friendly space.